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Monday, September 5, 2011

My Lovely Layered Soaps and Felt Food Vege Pack

Bright Rainbow Dough Soap

Winters day Soap

Blast of the Past Soap

Funky Fun Feijoa Soap

Cherry Bomb Soap

These are my latest in handmade soaps, this time i thought I'd try to layer my soaps a little differently than i usually do.
I love the cherry bomb, its sour cherry, sweet tart lemon and sickly sweet vanilla, this smells fantastic.
The Feijoa soap is an absolute must for feijoa lovers, it smells just like a juicy feijoa, this way you can have feijoa all year round, yum...
The blast of the past is lovely, it is a strong scent that will last and last,this soap smells so good you'll want to use it over and over, fragranced with baby rose, jasmine, musk, sweet peaches,violets orange, vanilla and caramelised brown sugar makes this soap irresistible.
Winters day is a lovely but delicate selection of winter fruits.
Bright Rainbow Dough is an inspiration of years gone, by a trip back in time to kindy days and bright coloured playdough, scented with creamy coconut, sweet juicy mango and sun drenched pineapple all mixed together to give you a beautiful scented soap that smells just like a day on a tropical island. What a delicious way to start your day, yummy.These are just a few soaps that are now ready to go i have many more that are curing now and will be ready soon.
Felt Vege Pack

This is my latest in felt veges, i made them small enough so that they are just the right size for little hands, i have added vege pieces this time, the carrots separate into slices for fun play and the potatoes are  in half so
they look more realistic, i have also added peas in the pod, they don't come out though as i wouldn't want them swallowed.

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  1. Hi Julie Great work as always love the vegs, they look so REAL!!!!