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Friday, March 21, 2014

Catching up on my soaps...cupcakes sundaes and more

Pink Butterfly Mini Cupcake Soap

and again

Dainty Candy Mallow Mini Cupcake Soap 

and again

Pink I Love You Cupcake Soap

Raspberry Mallow Cupcake Soap

and again

Baby Pink Rose Cupcake Soap

Delicious Soap Sundaes

and again...

and more...

A big hello to everyone that reads my blog..

So much has changed in my life in the last year but my passion for soap making hasn't changed at all.
I still really love creating foodie soaps but i feel like i want to try something new, something that will fit into my new lifestyle.

My shop closed it's doors in September last year, i ended my marriage after being with my husband for 21 years and moved out to another town with my daughter and one of my little dogs to start a new life, it's a completely different life for me now, everyday seems a little more challenging than the last and there is a lot to adjust to, but i still enjoy the creative aspect of soap making and i can still express myself making delicious bakery soaps and more.

I've been pretty much of a recluse when it comes to getting out there and selling my soaps and have only done 2 markets in the last year or so which i thoroughly enjoyed, even though winter is on its way i still plan on getting out there doing as many markets as i can as i love the feel of the markets, the relaxed happy go lucky atmosphere, the food, the friendly people and the amazing things the other stall holders are making, creating and selling.

Although i have slowed down a lot on the quantity of soaps that i make the quality of the soaps that i make is still the same just on a smaller scale, i am still creating delicious bakery soaps, still taking orders and plan on updating my blog with more photos as soon as i am able.

Enjoy the photos...bye for now