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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making Soap with a friend

Pink Soap Fancies

and again
More Good Karma 

Splash of Color


and again

Chocolate Orange Soap


Chai Time

Cashmere Kisses
Hi everyone, for the last year i have been teaching a few close friends and family to make soap i like to share what i have learned however i have been bitten in the past by people that have taken my recipes and copied my soaps right down to the colors, fragrance and toppings i use then they sell them on at markets in my home town, this really annoys me as it has taken me many years to perfect my recipes and techniques whilst i don't mind sharing i do mind being taken advantage of.

Anyway there are a few beautiful soaps here that i'd like to show off as they were made by a very special friend of mine, the soaps are the opium and revival...i just love the mixture of colours used and the fragrances really match the soaps..divine.

The chocolate orange soap is just mouthwatering it smells like a bar of rich dark chocolate with sweet juicy orange, i also have another yummy soap like this that is still curing, it is a delicious caramel chocolate swirl topped with a little mini chocolate bar, sprinkles and marshmallows i made this delicious soap for a friend that is crazy about caramello chocolate...cant wait till its cured i'll add a photo then.

The splash soap is fragranced with pomegranate it smells beautiful not to overpowering this delicate fragrance really suits the colors in this dainty soap.

Chai time is a really beautiful soap it smells sweet, creamy and spicy, my daughter cant stand cinnamon and although you can smell the cinnamon in this soap is isn't to overbearing its just really yummy.

I have also made another batch of good karma as the last batch was only a a small batch...i really love the colors in this batch they look amazing i am really pleased with the way that this soap turned out.

The Pink Fancies are just one of several of my latest bakery designs there are many more delicious bakery soaps that i have yet to take photos of, i have more fancies, cakes, cheesecakes and cream cakes, these were inspired by another friends love of little vintage cakes, she said in the old days you used to get served a selection of delicious dainty little cream cakes when the cake trolley came to your table so i created these just for her, i hope she is as pleased with the way they turned out as i am....enjoy, bye for now

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dainty Girly Soaps and Swirly Soaps

Rose Topped Cupcake soaps

Lily of the valley

Pink Sugar

and again...


Good Karma

Rubber Ducky

Hi everyone, here are a few of my latest soaps...i have several others that are curing and are waiting to have their photos taken but i just haven't found the time.My favorite soap here is the lily of the valley i brought this fragrance from Brambleberry a while back because my mum liked it but when i made my first batch i was unimpressed, i made another batch just so i could send some to my mum and i must admit that i am now a huge fan of lily of the valley, it smells AMAZING and the colors really suit the fragrance, i just cant wait till it's finished curing so i can try it out.

I have been teaching a friend of mine to make soap and together we made the Good karma soap i called it this because it reminds me of the perfume karma that another one of my friends wears, i have used this fragrance once before it was a blend of 3 different fragrances,the last time i made this soap it was hugely popular for me as soon as this soap was cured it was gone.I admit that this fragrance is a little to strong for me as its a really powerful scent but then i like the softer fragrances floral and fruits are more me, the colors on this soap are really beautiful and again suit the name...

The pink sugar turned out to be really pretty there's nothing quite like cutting into a batch of soap as you never ever know what it will look like on the inside but i was really happy with these bars they are pretty and girly and smell divine.

Moonlight soap is another soap that i really enjoyed cutting up, each bar was different and it was great seeing how each bar sliced up, the colors in these bars really suit this fragrance, i originally brought this fragrance as a trial size but never got around to using it until now and i am pleased that i did, i really love this fragrance and surprisingly its not floral or fruity, this fragrance is really hard to describe its elegant, classy and upmarket and smells lovely. 

Well this is all of my soaps for now bye...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All Natural Soaps and more...

Activated Charcoal

Ginger Wine

Manuka Honey

Orange & Coconut Cream

Vanilla Bean

Oatmeal Milk & Manuka Honey

Seaweed Chamomile & Coconut Cream

Tea Tree Head to Toe Bar

Juicy Apple


Sweet Summer Fruits & Honey
Roses in Bloom
Candy Bar Soap

Hi... These are my latest soaps, i just love the round shaped bars as they fit easily into your hand. First up are my all natural bars, these are made with natural ingredients just oils and butters and no fragrance or colours and are deliciously creamy bars. 

Of all my natural bars my favourite bar has to be the ginger wine, as soon as you lather up you can really smell the red wine and fresh ginger that i used to make these bars and because they are made with coconut cream they are like silk on your skin so soft and creamy...

Next are my latest round bar soaps these too are made with a selection of delicious oils and butters but do have  colour and fragrance added, my favourite of these is the roses in bloom this beautiful pink soap smells this soaps is a mixture of 3 different roses fragrances and is made with rose water and coconut cream it lathers up like a foamy creamy dream, i love the way this soap feels and smells... enjoy bye for now...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

A few new soaps...


and again


Fruit Loops

Cherry Berry Milkshake

Cannabis Hemp

Hi everyone, the weather here is getting colder, but winter is definitely my favorite time of the year and i have had plenty of time on my hands lately to make soaps.
I have also been making all natural soaps which i have to admit are still my favorite bars, i love the rich and creamy feel of a natural bar of moisturizing soap and as i am a huge soap addict i always have several soaps in my shower to choose from every morning.
I will take photos soon of all my latest natural soaps but for now here are a few of my latest bar soaps for you to enjoy, bye for now.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cake Slice Soap (perfect for mothers day)

Cream Filled Rose Cake

Hi Everyone.. here is one of my latest soapy creations just in time for mothers day, this cake smells divine like sweet creamy summer berries, filled with whipped cream and topped with a beautiful pink rose and finished with a sprinkling of glitter...this is all i have for now but i do have more delicious cupcakes i have yet to take photos of...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Catching up on my soaps...cupcakes sundaes and more

Pink Butterfly Mini Cupcake Soap

and again

Dainty Candy Mallow Mini Cupcake Soap 

and again

Pink I Love You Cupcake Soap

Raspberry Mallow Cupcake Soap

and again

Baby Pink Rose Cupcake Soap

Delicious Soap Sundaes

and again...

and more...

A big hello to everyone that reads my blog..

So much has changed in my life in the last year but my passion for soap making hasn't changed at all.
I still really love creating foodie soaps but i feel like i want to try something new, something that will fit into my new lifestyle.

My shop closed it's doors in September last year, i ended my marriage after being with my husband for 21 years and moved out to another town with my daughter and one of my little dogs to start a new life, it's a completely different life for me now, everyday seems a little more challenging than the last and there is a lot to adjust to, but i still enjoy the creative aspect of soap making and i can still express myself making delicious bakery soaps and more.

I've been pretty much of a recluse when it comes to getting out there and selling my soaps and have only done 2 markets in the last year or so which i thoroughly enjoyed, even though winter is on its way i still plan on getting out there doing as many markets as i can as i love the feel of the markets, the relaxed happy go lucky atmosphere, the food, the friendly people and the amazing things the other stall holders are making, creating and selling.

Although i have slowed down a lot on the quantity of soaps that i make the quality of the soaps that i make is still the same just on a smaller scale, i am still creating delicious bakery soaps, still taking orders and plan on updating my blog with more photos as soon as i am able.

Enjoy the photos...bye for now