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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Natural Soap Packs

These packs contain a fantastic selection of all our best selling natural bars... 

Detox perfect for acne prone skin or for a great cleanse. 

Pumice a great bar for gardening mechanics, farmers or when you need a good clean. 

Manuka Honey this soap is luxurious and has many benefits including anti aging. 

Carrot and coconut cream this bar is pure decadence and leaves your skin soft and beautifully clean. 

Pure Coconut is a fantastic creamy bar with a deliciously thick lather that even foams up in salt water. 

Seaweed & Coconut Cream this bar is pure luxury and is perfect for leaving your skin gently cleaned and feeling like silk


Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Selection of our Latest Soaps

Rustic Manuka Honey 

Pink Sugar


Karmic Cashmere
Exotic Delites
Passionate Kisses

Uptown Girl
Vanilla Buttercream Delight
Neon Dreams
All That Glitters

Hi there,
Here our some of our latest soaps...
We love pink sugar soap it smells divine as is it still one of our most popular soaps and one we make time and time again.

I love the way these all turned out especially the Neon Dreams we used bold and vibrant pinks and purple in this soaps and scented it with a mix of exotic fruit floral and a little musk which really suits these bars, passionate kisses is also bright and beautiful and smells like summer fruity and floral.

Gypsy turned out to be fantastic bars they have a deliciously creamy lather and smell amazing its a unique blend of fruits patchoulli a hint of musk and a dash of vanilla,i wouldnt usually like scents like these but these really do smell great.

Exotic Delites is a beautiful bar, a blend of sweet sugared ginger sun ripened peaches and a hint of oh so sweet vanilla, the colours on these bars are lovely and really suit the fragrance.

The vanilla buttercream delight smells fantastic completely edible this soap is another favourite of mine its sweet creamy and yummy Sweet sugary caramel toffee mixed with buttercream frosted cupcakes. 

Manuka honey is a beautiful soap it has an amazing lather and is an unscented bar,it contains lashings of Manuka Honey which is hugely popular here in New Zealand.I just love this soap even though it is unscented it has a slight caramel smell from the honey and feels creamy and delicious on your skin.

Another soap i love the smell of is all that glitters i wasnt overly impressed with the way that this soap turned out but the smell is addictive its upmarket and classy with a fragrance that leaves your skin smelling amazing.

Tranquility is light and delicious it is a blend of florals, jasmine lily,rose,lilac with crisp green apple and a hint of vanilla.

Uptown girl is another classy fragrance its very girly and is a dupe of Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Karmic Cashmere is another one i really like that i didnt think i would like when i first smelled the fragrance in the bottle, but once it was in the soap and had cured it smelled divine,its another soap that has a spicy note to it its chic and sexy and the fragrance really lasts.

Well this is all for now enjoy...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cupcake Soaps

Our Beautiful Cupcakes...
These are our latest Creations Enjoy...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kaiteriteri Beach.. a delicious luxury bar soap.

Kaiteriteri Beach

Winter is making its presence felt, i was reading yesterday that here in New Zealand we experienced our coldest day since 1903 with some places reaching a -20 degree Celsius,well all i can say is its really, really cold and my hands are numb from the cold just typing this.

So i thought you may like to see one of my latest bar soaps this is Kaiteriteri Beach inspired by my visit to what i think is one of New Zealand's most beautiful beaches.

This bar smells divine the fragrance lasts and lasts and is a favorite for me and one i use time and time again.
 Sweet french vanilla, subtle sandalwood,creamy coconut milk patchouli, delicate English rose, plum, grapefruit, sensual soft musk, lily and jasmine. it is a beautifully moisturizing bar with the most deliciously thick creamy lather that leaves your skin silky smooth.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

**BEE MINE** a beautiful handmade soap

Introducing Bee Mine
I really love the fragrance in this soap it smells so creamy and delicious without being to overpowering.
The ingredients used in this soap make it a fantastically creamy bar that feels like silk on your skin.
It has added Manuka Honey and Propolis to give it a more authentic bee feel, I LOVE THIS BAR..

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Kaleidoscope of Color... Bright Bold & Vibrant Soaps...

Hi everyone, here are a selection of my latest soapy creations, they are bright, bold and vibrant and smell divine. enjoy!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Real Cupcakes & Brownies

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday was my adult sons 24th birthday, time fly's by so fast,it only seems like yesterday that he was a cute little bubba now he has his own family.

But it doesn't matter how old my kids get i am still mum and i still like to bake for them, so instead of making a devils food cake like i usually do for my son i decided to make cupcakes and brownies.

I thought i'd share some photos of the baking i made, i don't bake a lot anymore and the photos i take are usually of soap not actual food so it was a nice change for me.

I found a lovely recipe which i changed slightly and the result was moist dark chocolate cupcakes, i made a chocolate mousse for the frosting as i hate a gritty icing made with icing sugar, next i made lemon and vanilla cupcakes with a lemon buttercream frosting, and lastly came the brownies, these are a huge hit in my family super moist and a little chewy with huge chunks of chocolate in them and just a dusting of icing to finish. 

My son had a lovely evening relaxing with his family exchanging gifts.