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Monday, February 8, 2016

Baby Soap & Laundry Soap

Laundry Soap

Baby Soap

Hi, I hope you all had a lovely break over New Year...

In the last few months i have had a complete life change.
A few months ago i moved again to a new town to start over once more and now at the age of 47 i am expecting my 4th child, this baby has come as a huge surprise to me and my adult children, my oldest just turned 28 and got married a few weeks ago and my youngest is 22 so there is a large gap in between.

It's odd how people react to my pregnancy, I have had to endure negative remarks from health care professionals and complete strangers who seem to feel the need to tell me that i am to old to have a baby, others just want to stare at my tummy, but i refuse to let it get me down, i am nearing 31 weeks now and my baby is healthy and growing well and that is all i care about.

I have slowly been putting together the things i need for baby, i have been very lucky as my mother knits the most beautiful baby clothes in wool that she hand dyes herself the colours are divine, so i now have a collection of the nicest baby jackets, singlets, socks a beautiful blanket and other items.
I hardly ever buy anything new as i am big on upcycling and reusing when possible so i brought a lovely second hand baby cot and several other used baby items secondhand from thrift shops.

I also love natural handmade products this way you know exactly what is going onto your skin and hair, in our house nearly all our skin care and cleaning products we make ourselves, this includes makeup to shampoo and household cleaners i also wanted my baby to be using mild and gentle handmade items on her skin so i made a batch of baby soap which is still curing, this soap is based on a recipe i have used time and time again as it is a recipe that is beautifully mild and very gentle on the most sensitive of skins, i chose the following ingredients for this recipe

Cocoa Butter
Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Rice Bran Oil

This soap will be very mild and gentle for my baby as it  has a 5 % superfat and it will have a long cure time to so it will be soft, soothing and almost creamy on my baby's delicate skin, it has no added fragrance just a pure and delicious natural soap smell.

I also made a laundry soap that i will be grating up with a little added washing soda to turn into a laundry powder to use to wash her clothes in, i will also be keeping a few bars whole and rubbing directly into stained clothes as needed i would add a little vinegar as a rinse.
I chose very basic ingredients for this soap and didn't superfat at all, plus it will also have a long cure time i like this recipe because it is unscented and cleans clothes beautifully the ingredients i used are...
Coconut Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Olive Oil

I have also made some baby powder which is also great for sensitive skin it contains only 2 ingredients bentonite clay and arrowroot powder and works really well.
I made a batch of soothing balm too, this stuff is used in our house for everything from sunburn to cracked lips it contains beeswax, infused oils and organic butters its divine and i will be using it on my baby as a bum balm.  

I think i have the skin care and cleaning products covered for now so later in the week i want to do a little sewing as i want to sew a nappy bag and some burp clothes and re vamp some blankets into cot blankets.
Bye for now.


  1. I wish you all the best for you and your baby! Enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy and ignore stupid people!
    I made babysoap for my little boy, too. ;)... and he loves it!
    Maybe you find a nice pattern on my Pinterest notice board.

    Bye Vivien

  2. I love natural, homemade soaps for my kids. Having gentle soaps can be especially important for that new baby on the way! 

  3. Congrats on your little one! I wish you a healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby. This gives me hope. My daughter and son just turned 21 and 14 respectively. I hope someday to be blessed w another. Btw women all over the world are paying thousands of dollars to fertility clinics, you truly have been blessed :)