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Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Yummy Foodie Soaps...

Chocolate Gateau Soap

Banana and Chocolate Dreamy, Creamy, Dessert Soap

White and Dark Chocolate Decadent Dessert Soap

Santa's Workshop Soap
Christmas is fast approaching and i just love it, all the shops have gotten into the Christmas spirit and are putting up their Christmas displays, it's fantastic...
Soon the weather will be perfect,beautiful sunny fun filled days with barbeque's and beach trips, swimming and laughter, camping and fun.

Yummy salads and fresh juicy ripe strawberries, ice creams and ice blocks, and family get togethers.

This is so my favourite time of the year people are so much nicer to one another too, i just love everything about it, i am putting up my tree this week, i know that some people will think it's to early, but i always put it up now, i want to enjoy the tree and beautiful decorations for as long as i can, it gets in me in the Christmas mood and i get less stressed...

Well i have been at it again, it's been crazy here the orders for soaps have been flowing in and i have been rushed off my feet, so i have been making batch after batch of soap...

I have a few really big galas and markets coming up so i am stocking up as I'd hate to run short..

Well back to the soap making, mum if you are reading this i haven't forgotten your soaps, they are packed and ready to go, if i could only just find the time to post them...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yummy Foodie Soaps, Cupcakes, Cakes, Cookies and Sweets all made from soap

Marshmallow Cupcake Soaps

More Marshmallow Cupcake Soap

Sprinkles Cupcake Soaps

Shabby Chic Rose Topped Cupcake Soaps
Delicious Feijoa Cake Soap

Christmas Gift Pack Soaps

Yummy Cookie Soaps

Girly Stocking Filler Pack
 These are some of my latest foodie soaps.

I wanted to try my hand at making soaps that would be unique Christmas gifts for all ages to love, for girls as well as boys to enjoy and these are what i came up with

So i  tried my hand at making soap marshmallows and i just love them, they turned out beautifully, they look and smell like real marshmallows and i know they will be a great hit at my upcoming markets, these are soaps that i know every kid will love,what kids wouldn't want to be able to wash with marshmallows, but it's not only kids that love these, all the adults that saw them just adored them and had to have them to use themselves.

So for the fussiest of bathers who could resist the handmade cookie soap
... perfect to wash with, these smell delicious, all buttery and creamy just like a sweet, butterscotch, vanilla and gooey caramel cookie should smell like,so realistic you'd think it had been baked hot from the oven,these have been tested on fussy kids that didn't want to get in the shower, once in they didn't want to get out, these worked a treat, i think they would make a fantastic gift for kids of all ages, they can choose from M&Ms on top, choc chunk cookies or sugar cookies they all smell and look fantastic.

I also made candy canes, these are made from melt and pour soap, i must admit i am crap when it comes to melt and pour and prefer to make my soap from scratch, but after loads of attempts i finally got them looking like they are supposed to, they even smell like candy canes.

The gingerbread men are also melt and pour but i have a passion for all things Christmas so i couldn't resit the urge to try and make them, they turned out OK but next time i am going to use cold process soap as i like to make my own soap.

The Cupcakes turned out beautifully, i decorated them with little marshmallows that i made, they took a while to make but they looked so pretty on my cupcakes  i also handmade each sprinkle, but i had so much fun i didn't care that they took forever, these have been so popular and are selling so fast that i am making new batches everyday for bulk orders, i guess everyone wants them in time for Christmas...

I also brought some chocolate moulds and made some delicious chocolate soaps these are amazing, my best soaps ever, i cant even begin to describe the way these smell, all i can say is that of all my soaps these are the most realistic smelling soaps i have ever made, they have the most amazing rich creamy lather and are jam packed with the best ingredients: olive oil, macadamia oil, Castor oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter, mango butter, and Shea butter, i spared no expense in these, i also added the best cocoa powder for colour and a little good quality chocolate, but it was worth it, you have to have good quality ingredients to make a great soap, They are in blocks or chocolate bars and are the best body bars i have ever made....( Mum and my sisters if you are reading this then some will be on the way to you all soon.)

Great Ingredients = Amazing soaps
crappy ingredients = crappy soaps

I also made a beautiful Feijoa scented cake, in individual slices and ended up with loads of orders for more, these are baby pink frosted and look and smell so lovely...

Well i think that just about covers it, what do you think? ....

I'd love to send out some free samples so if you are reading this and you'd like to try some of my unique soaps all for free, them please go to my website and send me an email and I'll send you a sample or 2.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beautiful Frosted Cake Soaps (Sponge, Choc Cake and Honey cake)

Honey Frosted Soap Cake

Frosted Sponge Cake Soap

Chocolate Frosted Soap Cake
These are my latest cakes, i put them on my website yesterday and i already have plenty of orders for whole cakes, everyone seems to really like them, it was something new i was trying out, i think i will be making these permanently.
With Christmas just around the corner the orders are pouring in, everyone wants to buy novelty soaps for Christmas gifts, not that i am complaining i love making soap, it's just that i am rushed off my feet, sometimes it's hard to keep up with the daily routines of washing the clothes doing housework etc...
Real home baking for my family has now stopped altogether, the only time they see cake now is when they are made of soap, each time i show my daughter another soap that looks like cakes her eyes light up, "is it real cake" she says "no" i say and her face drops, that makes me feel sad, sometimes i feel a little mean about that, especially when they have to resort to brought cakes and biscuits, but i did go out of my way during a busy soap making time to stop and make them a delicious batch of homemade hot fudge brownies(only because i could take no more, the guilt was just to much)
A lot of the time dinners seems to be whatever i am able to throw together at the last minute too, so they are not getting the yummy home cooked meals they were used to getting, a few nights each week we seem to be buying takeaways, it's not that there isn't food in the house to cook,as there is plenty, there just isn't any room with me taking over the kitchen with my soap making... never mind they are being patient and understanding with me, for now....

Monday, October 10, 2011

I love Cake.... Soap Cakes that is

Brownies Soap

Yummy Deserts Soap

Citrus Slice Soap

Cherry Tarts Soap

Yummy Cupcakes Soap

Sundae Cupcakes And Caramel Desert

Pink Cake

Ice Cream Sundae Soap

Feijoa Slice Soap

Peppermint Candy Cake Soap

Christmas Cakes and Cupcakes
I Just love making soap, when i was a child my mum made the most amazing home baking, her citrus slice was so yummy and so was her caramel slice, so yummy infact that i couldn't stop daydreaming about it the other day, so i decided to make copies in soap and this is the outcome, i just love the way they turned out, they even smell the same......
I know it's a little early but I'm a Christmas freak and just love Christmas so i had to make Christmas cupcakes and cakes, the peppermint makes me think of Christmas, candy canes are my favourite, each year i eat loads of them.
The pink cake is the end result of a rebatch of my soap but to me they still look nice, what do you think?