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Monday, August 17, 2015

Handmade Soap

Baileys & Coconut Cream



These are some of the latest soaps that we have been busy creating.
First up is Baileys this soap is divine.Pure luxury this bar is sweet creamy and delicious, made with coconut cream and coloured only with organic dutch cocoa,It has an amazing creamy lather that is foamy and thick and pure decadence and with baileys and whisky it smells amazing.

Carnival is bright and beautiful in swirls of pink, orange and brown and the fragrance in this bar is as vibrant as you would expect.Creamy coconut milk and oh so sweet vanilla, maple syrup, gooey caramel ,jasmine, freesia and summer peach,purple passion fruit, sweet ripe figs,orchids and a hint of musk.If you like sweet and creamy soaps that last and last then this is the bar for you.

Indulgence is decadence at its finest...Coloured with only dutch cocoa powder this yummy bar will make your mouth water, made with lashings of coconut cream and the finest ingredients this bar is creamy and luxurious, upmarket french vanilla, creamy coconut, oh so sweet vanilla and a hint of almond.yummy

Harmony is beautiful this photo does not do it justice at all as this bar is beautiful to look at,the colours in this bar are vibrant and the fragrance is refreshing and uplifting so a prefect way to start your day this bar is perfect for men and women and has a beautiful thick creamy lather.tart and sweet citrus,white grapefruit,tangerine and mandarin,with mimosa petals, petitgrain,ripe juniper berries,bamboo with a hint of musk and a dash of oh so sweet vanilla, just amazing...

Enjoy bye for now...

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Natural Soap Packs

These packs contain a fantastic selection of all our best selling natural bars... 

Detox perfect for acne prone skin or for a great cleanse. 

Pumice a great bar for gardening mechanics, farmers or when you need a good clean. 

Manuka Honey this soap is luxurious and has many benefits including anti aging. 

Carrot and coconut cream this bar is pure decadence and leaves your skin soft and beautifully clean. 

Pure Coconut is a fantastic creamy bar with a deliciously thick lather that even foams up in salt water. 

Seaweed & Coconut Cream this bar is pure luxury and is perfect for leaving your skin gently cleaned and feeling like silk