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Monday, February 21, 2011

Felt Playfood Vegetables

I have been busy sewing for the last few days creating new patterns to make more felt playfoods to sell at markets etc..., this week i have been making more felt vegetables, i have made peas, spring onions, eggplants, chilli, parsnips, carrots, potatoes and kumara, tomatoes, asparagus and silverbeet, i have really enjoyed sewing these veges.

Not to sure what i will make next i'm thinking maybe desserts as i have made meals and sandwiches, i guess you can make just about anything out of felt all you need is time and imagination.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day......(the ungrateful wife)

As i sat in my lounge room yesterday i could see a lot of courier vans and delivery vehicles driving past delivering what i could only imagine to be beautiful bunches of lovely flowers with sentimental cards dripping with sugary sweet loving words written on them, and couldn't help but feel a little resentful wishing it were me just for once.
You see i have been with my husband for coming up 19 years and never once have i received a valentines day gift from him, he just isn't the soppy romantic type.
My son rang me in the morning and told me that he couldn't afford to buy his partner flowers for valentines Day so instead he let her sleep in and got the kids up for school, organised their breakfast, lunches, bags, uniforms etc... and drove them to school, then when he got home he picked her a bunch of lovely roses from their garden and made her breakfast in bed, i thought that was so lovely and thoughtful and romantic.
I like Valentines day, so i usually make my husband a nice meal (his Favourite) and buy him a small gift and card, Yesterday i did the same but minus the gift and card as i thought why bother he doesn't appreciate it anyway, so i just made a roast which was a big feet, after all it is the middle of a scorching hot summer as soon as you turn the stove on the little house we live in heats up to a million degrees and there is no cooling it down, not to mention the fact that i don't even eat meat, but a roast is his favourite so that's what he got.
But yesterday was different for me, i saw my hubby walk in the gate after he had finished working a 13 hour day in the scorching hot sun, he was all dusty and sunburned and looked tired but he was smiling and he had something in his hands so i looked out the window, was it something beautiful, a bunch of exquisite flowers, chocolates? a heartfelt  gift for me on Valentines day surely not, but i was wrong, it was for me, and it was a gift, i don't drink so he brought me some low alcohol wine and a pot plant, a gerbera, i don't want to seem ungrateful but i waited nearly 19 years for this moment and this is what i got, i love him to bits but he really has no idea, at least he tried i guess, i smiled thanked him and tried to seem pleased but i just wasn't the overjoyed gushing happy wife he expected me to be, maybe i don't deserve a gift, after all its supposed to be the thought that counts, and i was just ungrateful, and for this i am not very proud of myself at all.......
At least i can see now why he doesn't bother, because nothing he chooses would ever be good enough for me, i am just to fussy......

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Felt Play Foods

Have been busy all week sewing more felt foods for my market this weekend, here are some of my latest ideas, i made a pea pod full of peas for this vege pack and a brussel sprout and parsnip, I also had to make a few more little cakes.
A few days ago a lady emailed out of the blue, she got my number from a friend of hers that had been to one of my markets and that had brought some of my felt cakes, she wanted to buy some of my felt cakes to go on a plate for her daughters birthday,i sent her photo's and she picked out several items and came straight round to my place to pick them up, she was so pleased that she sent me another email a few days later to buy even more, so i have been sewing non stop to finish more items for this weekend to make up for the items i sold.
I'm trying out a new market this weekend as the small beach/ tourist town i go to has another market on in the same town on the same day, Last year when this was on no one came to our market, so this year i booked in there instead as they are having a big classic car thing on with free face painting for kids plus bands are playing and all sorts of fun things to do and see, hopefully the rain stays away so it will be a great day out for everyone.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Felt Creations and Soap

This is what i have been busy doing this last week, sewing felt foods and making soap for my upcoming market stall, i have discovered the most amazing scents passionfruit and honey/vanilla are my latest ones so some of my soap cupcakes have been frosted with these scents, they smell fantastic and my house smells wonderful. I also made some honey soap bars and some sugar scrub soap cubes, i found the recipe on the Internet, i have made chocolate, banana, and bubblegum and raspberry, i tried them and my skin feels lovely and soft, i had never used melt and pour soap before but it is great to work with, all the hard work has already been done for you, so all you have to do is melt add scents and colours, oils and sugar, easy......