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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cupcakes Soaps & More

Lime Mallow Cupcake Soaps

Mini Xmas Puds

Decadent Peppermint Chocolate

Rosebuds in bloom

Limealuscious Cupcake Soap

Creamy Retro Mint

Exotic Fruits
Hi there, what a hectic week this has been...
The Christmas rush is in full swing and i have been so busy that i have barely had time to catch my breath.
I have so many soaps that are just about ready just in time for Christmas so i will be taking pics of them soon, but for now here are a few for you to enjoy... bye for now 


  1. I'm so digging those Lime Mallow Cupcake Soaps, they look gorgeous!

  2. Cupcake inside the cupcake mildew and also you want to frost your very own cupcake with out a frosting mold, truly soften the cleaning soap in a plastic container inside the microwave and add your desired quantity of coloration and tint then let thicken on your counter till it's capable of put into a piping bag. I'm working at Outdoor Advertising Services in Coimbatore Pipe similar to you will a cupcake and sprinkle with glitter or suitable for eating sprinkles (a good way to dissolve inside the showe