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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Foodie Soaps, Cupcakes Soap and Tarts Soap....

Wedding Favours

Sundae Cupcake Soaps

Cherry Tarts Soaps

Strawberry Tart Soap

Cherry Tart Soap

These are my latest foodie soaps,the tarts sold out in a day last time i made them so i have now finished making more and they are ready to go.
The Wedding Favour Cupcakes are for an order for a lady that is getting married in a few weeks time, i have just about finished making 80 of them, it's been alot of hard work getting them all exactly the same, but it's been fun, she chose vanilla scented bases and English rose scented baby pink frosting, topped with a little white rose with a sparkly gem stuck in the middle of every rose, (that was so fiddly to do) but they turned out great, i just know she will be happy with them.
The Sundae Cupcakes are my fav, i just love the way they look, they remind me of ice cream sundaes.

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