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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soap, Soap, Soap !

Caramel/ Chocolate/ Vanilla Swirl


Roses/Violets and Green Garden Mixed

Since i got my order of wonderful products from Brambleberry i haven't been able to stop myself from making soap, i probably wont stop till i have tried out all my lovely new scents.

I just love my new crinkle cutter too, it really seems to bring out all the fantastic new colours of my soaps, i am still getting used to the bright pinks and it will take a few batches till i get the amount of colour just right but for now i am happy with the way they have turned out

The scent of the chocolate,vanilla,caramel is the best yet, this would have to be my all time favourite, you have to smell it to believe it,i have made this soap before using scents that i brought locally and although it was nice it wasn't anything like the scents from Brambleberry, this bar smells just like a bar of caramel chocolate, its so yummy that i cant stop smelling it, i just want to take i huge bite that's how good it smells, i just know this updated version will be even more popular than the original.Plus i added a gold glitter to the caramel so when the light hits it you can see all the layers and swirls of gold , very pretty.

I really like the unscented soap too, the colours are amazing, it was supposed to be apple green and pink and scented but i got the colours wrong and forgot to add the scent, but when i unwrapped it this morning it was so beautiful that i am glad for the mistakes, don't know if you can see it in the photo or not but the top has a light coat of beautiful glitter.

At the moment i am creating my own website so that my customers can check out all my new soaps as soon as it is up and running i ll let you know.

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  1. Keep up the good work, they all smell great!
    #1 Son