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Monday, May 9, 2011

Latest Soap Creations (cupcakes, meringues and pasteries)

                                            Sweet Cappuccino scented Cupcakes
                                             Clementine Cupcake scented Cupcakes
                                              Cherry scented Cupcakes

                                          Oatmeal milk and honey and coconut scented Cupcakes
                                            Blueberry  scented Cupcakes
                                           Cherry Cupcakes
                                                        Sweet Cappuccino Cupcakes
                                                 Almond / Chocolate Yummy!!!
                                            Love spell
                                           Oatmeal Stout my favourite scent ever
                                           Sweet Lemon and vanilla
                                             Dragons Blood
                                                   Rose Cupcakes
                                                      Dragons Blood
                                             Dragons Blood

                                            Meringue Baskets (cherry scented)
Small Sweet Cappuccino Cupcakes

                                                           Small Cupcakes (cherry and cappuccino)

Soapy Clean.

These are some of my latest soaps that i have made, i ordered in some wonderful scents from Brambleberry in America( i have never smelled scents that are so beautiful we can't get anything like this here in New Zealand) and made several different soaps using those delicious scents, my favourite would have to be the oatmeal stout it smells good enough to eat.
Well Mother's Day came and went, my son Ben and his Partner Nicole came over for tea, Ben said it was the best meal he had had in ages so that made my day, they brought me a lovely bottle of wine, Ben was just getting over an awful flu and Nicole was just getting it and they still wanted to come over and spend time with me, i have such wonderful caring kids, Curtis and his partner Sarah phoned me to wish me a happy mothers day and they were off to the lake to feed the ducks with their kids,i couldn't have had a better day.
Well i had a brilliant market on the 1st may i sold loads of soaps, luckily i have been stocking up in time for my next market, i have 3 markets this month and have lovely new soaps thanks to my Brambleberry scents, everyone that has been my guinea pigs and have tried my new soap out have loved the new scents.
I had a phone call from a lovely lady last week she had brought some of my cupcake soaps from my market stall and wanted to know if i would be interested in selling some cupcakes to her so that she could sell them in her florist/giftshop, well she ordered 30 cupcakes from me and wants me to keep supplying her shop with soaps, this may not seem like much to everyone but to me it's fantastic, that's 2 stores now that stock my soaps it's a good start for me, it's great to know that people like my soaps enough to buy them.
The weather is getting colder now, last night i lit the fire i just love the winter its my favourite time of the year.
Well that's all my news for now I'm off to do some real baking, i found a delicious gluten free lemon cake recipe the other week it was a lovely moist cake so i am going to make another and a feijoa cake for Curtis to thank him for mowing my overly long lawns yesterday.

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