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Monday, July 28, 2014

Decadently Delicious Chocolate Soap Fancies & Large Cream Filled Soap Cakes

Pretty Pink Rose Cake Soap

Close up

and again

Delicious Cream Filled Rose Cake Soap

and again

close up

Decadently Elegant Chocolate Fancies

Hi everyone, these are a few more of my latest bakery soaps... these dainty chocolate fancies are just another one from my collection of my fancies, these smell so good you just want to eat them... creamy milk chocolate bases topped with dark chocolate icing and finished with a swirl of chocolate cream and a dainty crimson rosebud...

I do have a few more little cream cakes and fancies that i have yet to take photos of.

The Sponge Cake looks so yummy... the layers smell like creamy delicious rice petals and Shea butter, filled with delicious raspberry scented whipped cream and then topped with more raspberry cream frosting then beautiful sweet plump, sun ripened strawberries and finished with a little glitter...

The pink rosebud cake is so smells divine...layers of sweet pink cherry cake topped with a creamy cherry filling then finished with swirls of piped cherry frosting and topped with a dainty pink rosebud and a sprinkling of glitter.beautiful...

That's all for now... enjoy...

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