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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The last week

I have been really busy lately making pickles jams and pickling veges from my garden, i have so many zucchini from just one plant that i have been obsessively making whatever i can with them , so far i have pickled them, turned them into pickles, cakes, muffins, roasted them,and them put them in salads, who would have thought one plant would have so many zucchini, not that i am complaining its wonderful.
I made jam yesterday using strawberries from my garden and ones that i brought, nothing beats homemade jam, i also picked the last of my beetroot that was ready and bottled it, i cant wait to eat it.

I have been having a problem with green vegetable bug i ended up having to buy some organic derris dust i hate having to put anything on my plants, but it was a case of having to or else they would have eaten the lot.

Mr Louie had a bath, he didn't like it much, i had to bath him myself because i cant get him and poppy into the groomer for a few more weeks, if i knew how to clip them myself i would as its $57 each dog and they need grooming every six weeks, otherwise they get really grubby being white and with summer here they get really hot with their long fur.

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