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Monday, March 19, 2012

Delicious Soap Tarts and Lemon Meringue Pie

I had a great weekend, i was at the Tamahere Market selling my  soaps, it was a lovely day on Saturday a little bit windy but it didn't rain, i think that will be the last sunny market we will be having as the winter weather is on its way finally.
I just adore winter, a lovely hot fire, delicious puddings, homemade soups, warm winter pjs, hot baths, my mums fantastically warm hand knitted socks, the rain falling on the roof at nights whilst you sleep and the wind whistling around the windows, early dark nights, winter fog, the smell of firewood burning, thunder and lightening and all the things about winter i love so much..
I cant say that i have ever really enjoyed summer(except for getting together with family),i hate the heat, i always felt summer was for skinny people, and people that look good in shorts, cause i never wear them or pretty summer dresses or tee shirts with ultra short sleeves, i just prefer winter, give me comfortable jeans and boots, woolen hats and scarves anytime..
These are some of my latest soapy desserts the tarts are strawberry and rhubarb, they smell delicious...
I have so many more soaps planned, i go to sleep at nights with hundreds of ideas running around my head, then i get up in the morning and make what i have envisioned, my soaps usually look like i hope they will, and if they don't then i just make more and more till i get it right....

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  1. They all look so delicious Julie. I feel as if I could just eat one of those berries!!!!
    Love your new look blog....... very creative.