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Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Delicious Soap Desserts and Bar Soaps...

Oh Behave

Neon Bubblegum

Here are just a few of my latest delicious little cream filled dessert soaps and a few bar soaps for you to enjoy, all the guilty pleasures of a creamy, delicious, dessert but with none of the calories.

Well my soaps finally made it into the New Zealand Herald Yesterday... (21st) i didn't even find out till the texts and emails started coming in from friends and family..
Ever since then I have been busy answering so many emails from people that saw the photo essay and want to know how they can go about purchasing my soaps, so far i have been invited to sell my soaps at all sorts of exhibits and functions, who would have thought a little photo essay in the paper could generate so much interest, i am more than a little surprised by all the attention...

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  1. You deserve all the attention .....Julie you are famous!!!!