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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dainty Girly Soaps and Swirly Soaps

Rose Topped Cupcake soaps

Lily of the valley

Pink Sugar

and again...


Good Karma

Rubber Ducky

Hi everyone, here are a few of my latest soaps...i have several others that are curing and are waiting to have their photos taken but i just haven't found the time.My favorite soap here is the lily of the valley i brought this fragrance from Brambleberry a while back because my mum liked it but when i made my first batch i was unimpressed, i made another batch just so i could send some to my mum and i must admit that i am now a huge fan of lily of the valley, it smells AMAZING and the colors really suit the fragrance, i just cant wait till it's finished curing so i can try it out.

I have been teaching a friend of mine to make soap and together we made the Good karma soap i called it this because it reminds me of the perfume karma that another one of my friends wears, i have used this fragrance once before it was a blend of 3 different fragrances,the last time i made this soap it was hugely popular for me as soon as this soap was cured it was gone.I admit that this fragrance is a little to strong for me as its a really powerful scent but then i like the softer fragrances floral and fruits are more me, the colors on this soap are really beautiful and again suit the name...

The pink sugar turned out to be really pretty there's nothing quite like cutting into a batch of soap as you never ever know what it will look like on the inside but i was really happy with these bars they are pretty and girly and smell divine.

Moonlight soap is another soap that i really enjoyed cutting up, each bar was different and it was great seeing how each bar sliced up, the colors in these bars really suit this fragrance, i originally brought this fragrance as a trial size but never got around to using it until now and i am pleased that i did, i really love this fragrance and surprisingly its not floral or fruity, this fragrance is really hard to describe its elegant, classy and upmarket and smells lovely. 

Well this is all of my soaps for now bye...

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