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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All Natural Soaps and more...

Activated Charcoal

Ginger Wine

Manuka Honey

Orange & Coconut Cream

Vanilla Bean

Oatmeal Milk & Manuka Honey

Seaweed Chamomile & Coconut Cream

Tea Tree Head to Toe Bar

Juicy Apple


Sweet Summer Fruits & Honey
Roses in Bloom
Candy Bar Soap

Hi... These are my latest soaps, i just love the round shaped bars as they fit easily into your hand. First up are my all natural bars, these are made with natural ingredients just oils and butters and no fragrance or colours and are deliciously creamy bars. 

Of all my natural bars my favourite bar has to be the ginger wine, as soon as you lather up you can really smell the red wine and fresh ginger that i used to make these bars and because they are made with coconut cream they are like silk on your skin so soft and creamy...

Next are my latest round bar soaps these too are made with a selection of delicious oils and butters but do have  colour and fragrance added, my favourite of these is the roses in bloom this beautiful pink soap smells this soaps is a mixture of 3 different roses fragrances and is made with rose water and coconut cream it lathers up like a foamy creamy dream, i love the way this soap feels and smells... enjoy bye for now...

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