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Sunday, June 10, 2012

There's Always More Cupcake Soaps & A Few Bar Soapss

Hi everyone, have a guess what i have been doing in the last few weeks, that's right making more and more and even more cupcake soaps... i cant seem to make them fast enough, i am making several batches each day, the more i make the more people want them, the hardest part is coming up with new and different creations, it seems that cupcakes are all i think about, at night just before i go to sleep i go over in my mind how i will decorate the following days cupcake soaps and i wake up full of creative ideas, i even dream about cupcake soaps, it really is all consuming...

I have been using my tea tree shampoo bar now for over a month and i cant believe how fantastic my hair feels, so soft and full of body, i have sold quite a few bars already and i have had so many positive comments about this bar, it seems others are loving it just as much as me so it looks like this is going to be a keeper.
I was going to make a few more batches today as i brought some more tea tree essential oil in from a different supplier assuming that it was lemon scented but it wasn't, it smells yuck so i have had to order another bottle, this time round i made sure it was lemon scented as this oil is very costly and i certainly didn't want to make the same mistake twice.

I made a hemp and patchouli shampoo bar a while back it was a mix of patchouli,grapefruit,summer fruits, apple,jasmine,vanilla and a little musk, i also used green tea, i tried it for the first time the other day i must say  i am not usually a fan of patchouli but i just love the way this soap smells, even my husband thought my hair smelled nice, the hemp oil made my hair feel really silky so i was pleased with the way it turned out, i plan on making a head to toe bar that smells the same as i have had so many of my customers tell me that they love the way this soap smells and it's one i know i will be making time and time again.

I tried out a brand new scent the other day that i have never smelled before but had so many requests for, ylang ylang, this is so beautiful and very strong smelling, i have decided that i will make a head to toe bar with this scent as i want to use it as a shampoo bar as well, i have my shampoo recipe just right so it's just a case of getting around to it... that's if i can drag myself away from the cupcakes.

These are a few of my latest bar soaps, toffee apple because i made it a while back and everyone loved it, peaches and cream because it's delicate and i wanted something light and new and lavender and ginger because it's something i haven't made before, i am not a fan of lavender but the ginger seemed to make this a really nice smelling bar that even i can handle and i love the color, the moonlight pearls is lovely, it's fruity and floral, girly and very pretty i made this for wedding favors only in a smaller size and i just loved it so much i knew i had to remake it for myself...

I have a wonderful caramel and vanilla soap that will be ready to use in a few days, this is one soap that i make over and over again it is loved by both men and women and is always a big seller for me, i don't have any photos though but it is a beautiful mix of dark chocolate colored soap with toffee colored swirls, i just thought I'd tell you about it, bye for now....


  1. Oh my Lord how lovely ! Your soaps are just divine! Do you have a website admirers can purchase from?

    1. Hi Katie, sorry for the late reply, yes i do have a website
      I constantly try to make cupcakes and other bakery treat and bar soaps that others will enjoy, i am glad you like my soaps

  2. Those cupcakes are absolutely amazing, they look practically edible! =)

    1. Hi Anne-Marie, thank you for your kind comment, they are almost as good as the real thing but have none of the calories.