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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shame on you OreialSoap, for stealing my Photos

Hi everyone i just wanted to share something that happened to me.
On Sunday i was contacted by a lovely thoughtful person that told me someone was selling my soaps on esty  she is a follower of my soaps and immediately  recognized them as my photos.
She gave me the name of the soap seller it was Oreialsoap i had a look and was completely horrified to see my photos on her etsy shop, now i understand that people are going to copy my soaps that's always expected, but what she did was worse, she actually has used my actual photo or shall i say stole my photo without my permission,which she then blazened  her shop name across this is absolutely disgusting, but i wasn't the only one she did this too, there were several others.

I sent her an email asking her to remove my photos and asked her how dare she do that, she then proceeded to tell me a long drawn out pack of lies, in fact pages of lie after lie, each more elaborate than the last to cover up her wrong doing, why didn't she just admit that she had been caught out and appologise, and leave it at that.

She told me that her nephew was responsible as he took all the photos of her soaps and that she didn't see any of them till they appeared on her etsy and that she just thought they were hers, what lies, a soap maker knows her own soaps, when i told her i had the files as several different angled photos are taken of the soaps in question, she then told me her nephew assured her they were hers but that she had no proof to compare them with as she had since deleted the photos from her shop and that it came down to my word against his and that she didn't want to take sides, i believe that she as the owner of the etsy shop has to take full responsibility, as for the story about her nephew i don't believe a word of it, the cupcake pictures in question can clearly be seen on Google when you write in Oreialsoap photos of cupcakes come up, you can quite clearly see my fairy princess cupcakes (pink with little rings on top) with her name on top of the photo instead of my own, she did this to 3 of my photos and several others peoples photos too, she is a thief and a blatant liar, she claims to be a good Christian, well none of the Christian women i know would do this at all.
So to all you soap makers out there might i suggest that you check her out and see if any of your soaps also appear in her listings.

You can do this by going to the Google search bar entering her shop details then clicking on images, when you find a photo that looks like your own you can drag the image into the search box as i did and then hit enter, several of my listings instantly came up, my website,  my trade me, and my blog all with MY photo on and then at the bottom of the pages was the same photo which was mine and stolen by her with her name all over it as the Google search  had compared all images found.

So you see BRENDA COOKE  from OREIAL SOAPS just because you STEAL,CHEAT, LIE and hit the delete button doesn't mean you can lie, lie, and lie some more and say that i have no proof when i actually do have proof its there in black and white on Google for all the world to see,you are a liar and a conwoman with no creativeness just a hurtful scheming liar.

While this may seem a little harsh to all that are reading this, but i spend hours and hours on my soaps, often working into the early hours of the morning and all weekend without any breaks,(my family often goes without cooked meals as i am busy with soaps) whilst along comes this awful women, she then claims all the credit for my hard work, and just helps herself willy nilly to whatever she wants without a thought to anyone else.....Harsh???????  i don't think so...ask yourself this, how would you feel if it were you?


  1. good on you Julie, what she did is the lowest of low hopefully now she (and others) will think again when trying to do do this. your product to too good to let others claim rights to them. xxx

  2. I can't even BEGIN to imagine what she was going to send out to anyone that actually PURCHASED from her! A soapmaker KNOWS their own soaps.. she is clearly a LIAR! You, and the others who had photos stolen, most definitely have the support of the soaping community! (We stick together, not tear eachother down!)

  3. Wow. Just wow. Same as you said, I have no idea how she could not know which were her soaps... and to top it off how she would attempt to provide any product of similar quality if she is such a thief with NO CREATIVITY of her own, cant make or monitor her etsy shop, cant make or monitor her own soaps, cant do the right thing... truly a LIAR and a bad person.

  4. This is just terrible that someone would do this to you, after you've worked so hard to perfected your pictures and recipes. That is just awful! And it's true that a soap maker knows their own products! What a phony lie! But, you can be proud that YOU reacted so well to this situations. :)