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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cake Slice Wedding Favor Soaps(Cupcakes & Tart soaps too)

I wanted to create something a little different for a change...
Something elegant and beautiful to look at, something that smelled delicious too, and i think i have achieved that with these soaps.

I made some mixed color swirled cupcakes again , i used to make them all the time and they were huge sellers for me, but i stopped making them as i got bored and needed a change, my husband said i should make them again as he thinks they are my nicest cupcakes, so i took his advice and made a few batches, i am really pleased with the way they turned out they look so lovely... 

The whole cake is my best cake yet,i got the idea because a customer wanted soaps for gifts as she was a diabetic and couldn't have cake, i thought it would make fantastic wedding favors for people that cant eat real cake... it actually looks and smells just like the real thing and the good thing that is if you cant have cake, you can still have this cake, and use it too,it looks and smells like real cake.
I really didn't want to cut a slice out of it,but i needed to see how the layers looked on the inside, i needed to see if they were even and to make sure that the frosting on the top didn't crack , to make that it looked ok, i am so pleased with it, i have listed it for sale on my website now, but i must say that i really love this cake and will be reluctantly selling it as i'd rather keep it on a cake plate for myself to display..

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  1. Love, Love, these soaps Julie especailly the little tarts, amazing!!!