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Monday, January 9, 2012

Soaps for the New Year

I Hope you all had a safe and hHappy New Year, mine was a quiet one spent at home.
We usually go camping this time of year but i am so glad that we didn't this year as the weather has been awful with non stop rain and hardly any sunny days at all, most of the time we have been wearing our warm winter clothes instead of the summer clothes that we should be wearing this time of year, it's just crazy weather..
So because i have spent the whole of the Christmas holidays at home i was able to make plenty of delicious new soaps, as my supplies had run very low due to Christmas shopping.
I have decided to bring out more natural soaps as alot more people are asking for them, it's what i originally made when i fist started out making soaps, only this time i have more experience so the soaps are alot nicer and the lather is more luxurious than it used to be...
I tried my hand at making salt bars, i wasn't quite sure what to expect, but i just love the way mine turned out, you would think that they would be scratchy bars with the added salt, but instead they are beautiful and smooth and extremely creamy and the lather is amazing, rich, thick and delicious...i will be selling these at my next market so i am hoping that my customers will love them as much as i do, they may not look as pretty as my usual soaps but they are divine.
As you can see from my pics i have made some lovely soap bars using clays, these turned out beautifully, the lather on these is wonderful as they are made with coconut cream, as are most of my soap bars now, the lather that you get using the coconut cream is just fantastic, like shaving foam...
I think my fav soap from the latest batches i have made would have to be the coconut and papaya, it smells like a tropical dream and feels like silk on your skin, i am sure that my customers will love this too, so my household will be using this soap till i get sick of it and want to try something else
Well i finally got another phone charger as i managed to misplace mine and was without my phone for 10 days, so when i charged it up i had a load of messages, now i will have to phone my family  and explain why i didn't return there calls/texts..
I will be sending some of my latest soaps to my mum as she likes the more natural soaps and not to highly fragranced soaps, she's not to keen on foodie smelling soaps either so i am sure there will be some of my latest soaps that she will enjoy, i made the lily soap just for her, so mum if you are reading this(I'm sure you are) i will be posting some to you shortly.
Well i guess that's all my soapie news for now, back to the soap making.

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