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Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful East Coast Weekend Getaway


East Coast

Hot Sunny Day

Beautiful Quiet Beaches

Just Perfect

Seafood Galore


Lou & Buster
Father & Son

Mother & Son
Poppy & Buster


Poppy & Buster
Fantastic Signs
Just before Christmas we sold our caravan as it was to small and brought another larger one, we hadn't had a chance to use it over Christmas so we thought we'd take advantage of the long weekend and go down Opotiki way, travelling along the beautiful east coast.
It is so lovely there, beautiful quiet beaches that never end, and plenty of shellfish to eat, the tranquil beaches are just so breathtaking so if you are looking to get away and have some quiet time without the hassle of busy beaches then you should definitely go to Opotiki... the town is alot bigger than i expected and they have everything there that you could ever need, the locals are friendly and the town is so clean.
We stayed in a camping ground just out of Opotiki and i would never, ever, stay there again.
When we booked we made sure it was pet friendly and explained that we had 3 dogs, the owners said it was fine to bring them as dogs were to be on leads at all times, that was just fine with us as ours would definitely be on leads, when we got there dogs were roaming everywhere,loads of them, big and little, there was dog crap everywhere, even outside our caravan door in the morning when we woke up, all along the path to the beach and even on the beach it was so disgusting.
The camp owners neglected to tell us there was a hot rod convention on and they had basically taken over the camp as there were hundreds of them staying there with their super noisy cars that came and went all night, not to mention the live band they had playing there till the early hours of the morning that kept the little baby in the next caravan over up all night, and it screamed non stop, the place was fully booked and there were 4 women's toilets for the whole camp so you had quite a wait each time you needed to go which was ridiculous.
The other people there were really rude, except for 1 other couple in their 70s they were very friendly and talked to us and told us what was on in the area and all about the place which was really nice.
The 2 caravans next to us were horrid, we thought they must be a little racist as they seemed to dislike Maori people quite a lot, which made my husband feel very uncomfortable as he is Maori, they managed a smile every now and then directed only at me but spent the whole time scowling at my husband, as they also did with our elderly neighbours as she was Maori also, when you get people like that within earshot it tends to ruin your holiday a bit...
So all in all the area was fantastic, the beaches beautiful, our little dogs behaved themselves wonderfully and we spent the whole time eluding our neighbours so it wasn't all bad, we didn't get much sleep and came home extremely tired, but we still managed to have a nice getaway and i even managed to get my jeans and hoodie wearing daughter (she wears these clothes in summer too) to wear shorts and tshirts so it was worth it...
We will definitely be going  back that way again but will be avoiding that crappy holiday park that's for sure... we have already found a better one that we will be staying at this coming weekend as it is another long weekend too...cant wait.

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