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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beautiful Frosted Cake Soaps (Sponge, Choc Cake and Honey cake)

Honey Frosted Soap Cake

Frosted Sponge Cake Soap

Chocolate Frosted Soap Cake
These are my latest cakes, i put them on my website yesterday and i already have plenty of orders for whole cakes, everyone seems to really like them, it was something new i was trying out, i think i will be making these permanently.
With Christmas just around the corner the orders are pouring in, everyone wants to buy novelty soaps for Christmas gifts, not that i am complaining i love making soap, it's just that i am rushed off my feet, sometimes it's hard to keep up with the daily routines of washing the clothes doing housework etc...
Real home baking for my family has now stopped altogether, the only time they see cake now is when they are made of soap, each time i show my daughter another soap that looks like cakes her eyes light up, "is it real cake" she says "no" i say and her face drops, that makes me feel sad, sometimes i feel a little mean about that, especially when they have to resort to brought cakes and biscuits, but i did go out of my way during a busy soap making time to stop and make them a delicious batch of homemade hot fudge brownies(only because i could take no more, the guilt was just to much)
A lot of the time dinners seems to be whatever i am able to throw together at the last minute too, so they are not getting the yummy home cooked meals they were used to getting, a few nights each week we seem to be buying takeaways, it's not that there isn't food in the house to cook,as there is plenty, there just isn't any room with me taking over the kitchen with my soap making... never mind they are being patient and understanding with me, for now....

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