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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Delicious Start to the New Year with Natural Handmade Soap...

Baileys & Coconut Cream Handmade Soap

Soothing Healing Shampoo Bar

Creamy Beer & Coconut Shave Bar

Calendula Carrot & Chamomile

Hi Everyone,I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a restful holiday....
I have made a start for 2015 and have gone back to the basics making soaps that i used to love so much and really enjoy making and using ...
Don't get me wrong i love making pretty bright colored girly soaps but i started out making soaps for my daughters and my sensitive skin and sometimes its a great change for me to experiment with a variety of oils butters and natural products to create a creamy soap that feels like pure heaven on your skin, a soap that is natural and nourishing and rustically pretty despite no added colors or fragrance being used,making these soaps is something that i REALLY love doing and after i cure these bars me, my family and friends all get to try them out to see which ones we like the most...

These bars of soaps are all 100% natural unscented uncolored bars they contain no animal products in them at all so are vegan friendly which suits me just fine as i am a vegetarian. I used a delicious mix of some of my favorite oils and butters to create these beautiful creamy bars that will moisturize dry summer skin and with this hot summer we are having they are just perfect.

I am fascinated with plants so I have spent the last few years studying plants and their uses i am constantly learning how to incorporate them into the soaps creams and salves lotions and balms that i use in my everyday life,luckily for me i have a lovely friend that has helped guide me by sharing her knowledge and i have been able to create some fantastic recipes infusing some beautiful plants into oils.

My healing shampoo bars are simply divine this all natural bar has a beautiful lather and the healing oils i used in this soap are wonderful on my hair plus with this dry summer weather this beautifully creamy bar has been just what my hair has needed.
This bar has been a few years in the making as i have tried making several shampoo bars in the past and although they are good they weren't everything i had hoped they would be, that was until i made this bar i am really happy with the way this bar turned out...the oils in this bar are so nourishing and i have even made a fantastic healing salve too using the same bland of infused oils that is perfect for bites, scratches, sunburn, blisters you name it, it really works...

I love love love the colors of my carrot, calendula and chamomile soap bars, these are yummy bars with all the benefits of soothing plant extracts and the creaminess of the pureed carrot adds another dimension to these beautiful bars making them perfect for oily skin and the carrot has natural whitening properties. These bars are ones that i make over and over again but i haven't made them in a while so i am falling in love with them all over again, i love the way they make my skin feel...

The beer soap has always been really popular and is a wonderfully creamy bar that has a delicious foam with added clay this soap is just perfect for shaving plus the oils in this bar are really moisturizing and nourishing for you skin.

As for the Baileys soap what can i say these soaps are amazing plus i used a huge helping of my favorite little drink in these bars it took a lot for me to part with the baileys for these but trust me they are so worth it, i also used organic dutch cocoa in these bars for a little color and i am so happy with the way these bars turned out i originally made them a few years back but haven't made them for a very long time.When you shower with these baileys bars you'll just love them,they are so creamy and yummy that you wont want to stop washing, they make your skin feel like heaven as they are so deliciously creamy and have a wonderfully thick foam to them and smell fantastic..

Well this is all for now i do have a few bright colored bars and cupcakes that are curing  and will be ready in time for valentines day so i will add photos of these soon...bye for now.

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  1. All your soap looks wonderful. Happy to hear you are starting off the New Year soaping so much =)