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Monday, April 9, 2012

All Natural Baileys

Chocolate Almond & Orange

All Natural Chamomile Cucumber

Hippie Shake

Licorice Allsort


All Natural Peppermint Chocolate


All Natural Seaweed & Clay

These are a few of my latest soaps, i have made several batches of all natural soaps as i like to use more natural soaps in the winter,
I love them all especially the seaweed which smells amazing, it has essential oils of lemon, lime, and elder flower and little pieces of seaweed, also dead sea mud and green sea clay for color it also has a little silk added for that extra bit of luxury and is made with coconut cream so it will be creamy, moisturizing and luxurious...

The baileys is made with all natural ingredients no color or fragrance just baileys, coconut cream and cocoa for color a little added silk for luxury and lots of delicious mango butter.
I really cant wait till this is ready for me to use as it i just know my skin will love it especially now that the weather is turning colder and my skin gets a little more dry from the wind and cold weather.

I also made a natural soap using cucumber puree and chamomile  & a few other essential oils, this smells so fresh and clean ,i made this using coconut cream too, loads of mango and cocoa butter and silk for extra luxury, i just know this will be a fabulous soap, i can just  imagine starting my day with my skin feeling clean, refreshed and beautifully nourished ..

Ben this soap is for you....The peppermint chocolate will be a huge hit with my son again this is an all natural soap, no fragrance or color, just green clay and organic cocoa, fair trade dark chocolate and peppermint essential oil, i just love peppermint chocolate so this is another one i cant wait to try, just thinking about it is making me hungry...

The chocolate, almond & orange smells so yummy, if you are a chocoholic like me then you will just love this delicious soap.
Sweet blood orange with a layer of ground almond, topped with decadent dark chocolate, and finished with a little glitter, i used organic dark orange chocolate in this also to give it that extra bit of yumminess, soft ground almonds for a little gentle exfoliation, and is made with coconut cream, silk and extra cocoa butter, this is going to be a creamy bar of deliciousness....

The masquerade is definitely a new favorite scent for me it smells so beautiful, sweet and juicy candied apples, pomegranate strawberry and cherry, fruity, sexy and tantalizing, with a hint of oak moss vanilla ivy... 

Hippie shake is beautiful, i have many people that i know will just love this, it reminds me a little of Karma.... not my cup of tea but it is growing on me. You'll definitely feel alive with this amazing blend of fragrances... musk, patchouli,lavender, incense, golden amber, ginger, vetiver, sweet french vanilla, decadent dark Chocolate,carnation & tart blood orange, just perfect..

Illusions smells so beautiful this will be so creamy as i used extra Shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter, i made it with coconut cream and added some silk too, the scent is so soothing, creamy coconut milk and rice flower, amber, musk, and sandalwood,crushed ginger root, and anise leaves.

Licorice allsort what can i say, you make me want to eat you all coco nutty and yummy...

I saved the best for last....
The pink watermelon smells so amazing when i first brought this fragrance i didn't think id like it at all, i was right, i LOVE IT, this smells so yummy, i will be making some delicious bar soaps with this fragrance as it is the best yet...watermelon and strawberry,  jasmine, rose,cassis, oakmoss, white woods, and vanilla.
Sweet alluring and very chic...

Well these are just some of the soaps that i have been busy making they have taken me ages to list, i still have more to go but that is for another day, bye for now...

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