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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yummy Dessert Soaps...

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Pink Camo Soap

The orders are pouring in and it's been non stop... i have made loads of soap as i have a huge Christmas market this Saturday and another on Sunday, plus i have heapss of lovely soaps curing, i have been making alot of my soaps out of coconut cream just lately, the texture and smell are divine, they have the most amazing creamy lather and the bars last and last, i just know that my customers will love them as much as i do.
I have also been selling a lot of my soaps through the website trade- me it's just like ebay, as soon as i am listing my soaps they are selling, it's great but so hard to keep track on who's paying, alot of traders ask me to wait till a few days later when other auctions close till they pay, sometimes payments drag on for weeks this way which confuses my paperwork, it seems lately that all i seem to do is paperwork and soap wrapping, making me feel like I'm trapped in my own home held hostage by demanding buyers, funny it sometimes takes them weeks to pay me, yet they expect me to post their parcels the same day that i receive their payments(which i usually do) then send me demanding emails a day later asking where their items are, it really annoys me as i have no control over nz post services, it usually takes 3 days to get items delivered, some people are impossible to please....
Well back to the soap packing and wrapping...

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  1. Hello! I LOVE the Pink Camo sister is finally having a girl and I will be doing a Pink Camo baby shower. Are these available for purchase somewhere? And how much, I think I would need about 20 to give out as Thank-you's! Please email me at hope to get these for an October 21st baby shower!!!!