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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Honey Layer Cake Soap and Yummy Cupcake Soaps

Delicious Honey Layer Soap cake with Raspberry filling

Peppermint Chocolate Swirl Cupcake Soaps Yummy

Cranberry Fig Cupcake Soaps Delicious

Honey Cake soap before frosting

Disaster strikes

I had an awful time cutting my honey layer cake, i let it get to hard before i cut it up and instead of it slicing smooth and easily it was hard and brittle and crumbled,all because  i changed my recipe and added extra cocoa butter, i think it was to much though, i managed to revive the cake and re frosted the individual pieces and they ended up looking lovely so all was ok in the end, this layer cake smell dreamy and it such a beautiful soap, it has a beautiful rich creamy lather and leaves your skin feeling like silk i even used real manuka honey so it will have all the benefits of this lovely honey.

Next i made cupcakes i changed my recipe there too, they piped on like a dream, the frosting turned out smooth and perfect it feels and smells so wonderful on your skin, if you love chocolate you will love the peppermint chocolate cupcakes they make me hungry just looking at them.

The Cranberry Fig soap cupcakes are Divine, piped with baby pink frosting and finished with an elegant rose and a sprinkling of glitter these would make fantastic gifts, i just love the fragrance its very delicate.

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