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Monday, August 1, 2011

Felt Cupcakes and Cakes

Little cream felt cake

Little maroon felt cake

Lovely felt cupcakes

Felt Cupcakes Closeup

New Felt Cupcakes latest design

Yummy Felt Donut

Felt cupcake Latest design

Teeny tiny mini felt cupcake side view

view from the top

Faceless Felt Gingerbread men
These are some more of my felt cupcakes and cakes all ready to be packaged for sale, this time i made my cupcakes slightly different, they are a little bigger than the cupcakes i usually make and they have swirled icing on top, i think they turned out well.
I love my little cream cake it reminds me of a layer on a wedding cake, it took ages to sew but i am glad i did, it measures  88 x 45 mm so it's still a good size, not to big and not to small, it's just right.
I also made the tiniest cupcake, it measures 30x30mm, not sure what i will do with it yet, maybe I'll add it to my collection of all things cupcake.
I still haven't put faces on my gingerbread men, as soon as you put a face on them they seem to develop little personalities and take on a life of their own, each time i make them i think of the story of the little gingerbread man,chanting run run as fast as you can you cant catch me I'm the gingerbread man, that story always made me sad when i was a kid, i always felt sorry for the poor gingerbread man, i think that's why i always make their faces at the last minute, so that way i don't have to see them sitting there staring at me just waiting to run away.
I also made another donut, these sell faster than i can make them, i have another market stall this weekend at Rototuna so i am hoping to have finished sewing a few more by then.

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