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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Most Amazing Chocolate Soap Yet ( for the fussiest chocoholic)

Best ever Chocolate Soap

Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla

Uncut Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla

Rise and shine

Love spell

I had such a wonderful day at the Tamahere Market last Saturday, we got there nice and early to set up our stall, it was so cold that my feet and hands were frozen, i ended up having to buy a thick pair of woolen socks from another stall holder just to warm up my cold feet,the sun came out a few hours later and so did all the people, i just about sold out of all my felt foods, and i sold a huge amount of soap, i was busy the whole day, plus everyone there was in a happy mood so it ended up being the perfect day after all.
So many people were buying things to put away now as gifts for Christmas, what a brilliant idea, there is nothing like being prepared , that way you don't have all the costs and stress of shopping at the last minute.

These are my beautiful new soaps i have spent the last year trying to make the perfect chocolate soap and now i have.
Honestly this soap is amazing it's a hard bar with a rich and creamy lather and the most heavenly scent of chocolate, i am so please with the way it turned out, it feels so wonderful on your skin, leaving your skin ultra moisturised and smelling delicious.
The ingredients for this soap are cocoa butter ,Olive oil palm,coconut oil, Castor oil and lye.
My daughter said it looks like a chocolate nougat bar and smells edible and i guess it does, i know this will end up being another best seller for me.
I have redone my chocolate, vanilla and caramel soap yet again, it sells so fast that i seem to be forever making it,i really like the way the swirls and colours came out and the smell as always is dreamy, gooey caramel, rich dark chocolate and sweet vanilla, yum.
I also made my love spell soap as i had sold out, at least i thought i did, before i realised it i had added rise and shine by mistake instead of love spell, all i have to do now is remember it's not love spell even though it's the same colour.
The love spell however looks great all yellow, back, red and orange swirled together, it was supposed to be scented with rise and shine but it still looks and smells wonderful.
I am so happy with the chocolate soap that i am going to use this recipe alot and try different scents and colours,my new order from brambleberry is due any day now so as soon as it gets here i will be making soap soap and more soap.

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