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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr Lou, Miss Poppy and their Puppies

Poppy the night before giving birth she was huge

Mr Lou the lucky daddy to 5 little Lou's

Grumpy Poppy the babies are 2 hours old

Poppy and the babies 4 days old

So cute

protective poppy

little puppies 9 days old their little noses are just turning black

Mr Lou is still grumpy as poppy still wont let him see the puppies

These are the little sweeps a girl and a boy they are the noisy ones always making little noises that sound like sweep off the sooty and sweep show

Miss Poppy happily taking a time out from the babies.
10 days ago Poppy and Louie became a mum and dad, they had 5 beautiful little babies, when we took Poppy to the vets the vet did a scan and told us we could expect 3 puppies, instead we have 5, poor Little poppy shes so small herself now she has 5 babies.
Mr Lou still isn't allowed anywhere near the babies at all, if she hears him in the hallway she will growl and bark at him through the door, and then when she comes out later she nips him on the face for it, shes so mean, all he wants to do is his his little babies.
The puppies are so cute their little noses are turning from pink to black and it wont be long before their little eyes open,( then poppy will have her job cut out for her), we are going to have a hard time letting go of the puppies when it comes time to finding them loving homes, i promised myself i wont get to attached, but how can you not.

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