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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Little bit of everything...more soaps.

Arcadius Owl Bar Soap

Bewitching Brew Bar Soap

Raspberry Delite Bar Soap
Dead Sea Mud Bar Soap

Chocolate Cake Soap

French Green Clay Cake Soap

Gingerbread Men Cupcake Soap in Red

Gingerbread Men Cupcake Soap in Black

Cutest Little Gingerbread men Cupcake Soap
French Green Clay Soap Cakes
Hi Everyone, once again i have been busy making soap.This time round i made a few christmas ones and a few luxury bars and some natural bars.

My Favourite bar this time just has to be the french clay bars they are simple and elegant, i made these because i have sensitive skin and love all natural soap, these french clay bars have nothing in them except all natural oils, butters and clay and are topped with dried rosebuds and a sprinkling of lavender, the bars have a lovely creamy, foamy, lather and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

The bar soaps turned out great, i really love making these luxury bars theres nothing quite like waiting to cut a batch of soap just so you can see how the colours turned out...i was not dissapointed with these ones at all, i just love the bright colours in these soaps, the owl soaps are so cute and cheery and the raspberry delite smells yummy and looks really pretty, the bewitching brew bars are so bright i just love them...

For all the chocolate lovers out there i made chocolate cake soap, honestly these soaps smell delicious and are creamy and really chocolatey they will make your bathroom smell so good.

The christmas soaps are cute and are made with creamy peppermint which has to be my favorite christmas fragrance.

The dead sea soap is wonderful and is perfect for shaving with, it foams up beautifully and makes you skin feel so soft...

Thats all for now enjoy...


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