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Monday, April 4, 2011

Soaps That Look Like Cakes (and a few that dont)

                                          This is my balloons over Waikato soap, i was inspired
                                          by the air balloon's in the sky last week.

                                          Berry cheesecake and Chocolate cheesecake soap,

                                          Chocolate cheesecake soap again,

                                          and again,

                                        A Better pic of Lemon Cheesecake 
                                          More cupcakes

                                          Peppermint cream soap,

                                          Meringues soap with sprinkles,

                                          More rocky road soap,

                                          Rose soap for my Mum,

                                           Soap Cakes tea party,

Berry Cheesecake

                                           Soap tea party

These are my latest soap creations, i have a market stall in Cambridge this weekend on Sunday the 10th April and a market at stall at Tamahere on Saturday the 16th April  so i have plenty of soaps to suit everyones tastes.


  1. WOW WOW how do you do those balloon soaps, they are fantastic. cant wait to get my beautiful rose soap. You would never want to use them would you? just posted another parcel to you and having a well earned cuppa after the knitting. WELL DONE YOU!!!

  2. My God, you create such beauty. Just no words!

  3. Hello, I found your wonderful know you have a great talent I'm appreciative!.
    I live in France and I have a gourmet shop and I know really like to work with you and go regularly orders if you are interrested.
    I give you my email address so you can answer me because I sent you an email on your site but I have not had to answer then j hope you have this message and you will answer me quickly by agreeing to work with me ;
    No excuse me I'm writing much English and I do not speak very well either but I have family who understands they can bring me your email.

  4. Hello! I make soaps too but have not tried this method of soap making yet. I was wondering what sort of recipe you use to do the piping work? It looks amazing!