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Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Felt Play Foods

Have been busy all week sewing more felt foods for my market this weekend, here are some of my latest ideas, i made a pea pod full of peas for this vege pack and a brussel sprout and parsnip, I also had to make a few more little cakes.
A few days ago a lady emailed out of the blue, she got my number from a friend of hers that had been to one of my markets and that had brought some of my felt cakes, she wanted to buy some of my felt cakes to go on a plate for her daughters birthday,i sent her photo's and she picked out several items and came straight round to my place to pick them up, she was so pleased that she sent me another email a few days later to buy even more, so i have been sewing non stop to finish more items for this weekend to make up for the items i sold.
I'm trying out a new market this weekend as the small beach/ tourist town i go to has another market on in the same town on the same day, Last year when this was on no one came to our market, so this year i booked in there instead as they are having a big classic car thing on with free face painting for kids plus bands are playing and all sorts of fun things to do and see, hopefully the rain stays away so it will be a great day out for everyone.

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