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Monday, November 29, 2010

Baking day

Today was a beautiful but scorching hot summer day, instead of enjoying the lovely sun i spent all day inside cooped up in the hot kitchen baking. The reason for the kitchen torture was easy, i was guilted into it. My 17 year old daughter keeps complaining that i keep making soaps that look like real food and it makes her hungry, she begged me to mke her some baking like i used to,so after watching her walk from her room to the fridge and pantry and back to her room again empty handed several times i gave in. Stupid really after all she is 17 and you'd think she could easily make herself her own yummy food, but she really can't,she is hopeless,when she cooks the kitchen looks like a disaster zone and i am left to clean up the mess, she spends all day in her room playing xbox, how she can bear it in there i don't know, it looks like a cave with the curtains constantly closed and smells like the bottom of a mouse cage.She ventures out of her room long enough only to eat drink and thats all, ocassionally i'll get a little conversation out of her usually about the xbox game she is playing, sometimes its just a grunt, today was a different, after handing her a plateful of her favourite home baking i got to share an actual conversation which didnt include anything about the xbox, so i guess the kitchen torture was worth it in the end.
I made lemon and vanilla cake with cream cheese icing, double chop chip brownies, chewy choc chip cookies, and mini xmas pies, i even made the mincemeat myself and the pastry, they were yummy....

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